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You will need:

Font of your choice - I used one called DB POOJA

Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Jamie Kidd

License and Tubes available at Creative Design Outlet



Mura's Meister/Copies

AAA Frames/Foto Frame





Ok let's begin

Change your Foreground to Black and your Background a color from your Tube

Change your Foreground to Gradient ... with the following settings



Open a New Image 600x250 ... Flood Fill with your Gradient

Effects> Distortion Effects> Pixelate ... with the following settings



Effects> Distortion Effects> Warp ... with the following settings



Effects> Edge Effects> Enhance ... Layers> New Raster Layer

Make a Custom Selection ... with the following settings



Flood Fill this Selection with Black ... Selections> Select None

Image> Free Rotate ... with the following settings



Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies ... Tiling ... Default settings

Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Soft Light and its Opacity to 50%



Paste your Tube as a New Layer and position on the left side of your Tag

Layers> Duplicate ... Activate the Original Tube layer



Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies ... Feedback(linear) ... Change Shift X to 100 and Shift Y to 20

Image> Mirror ... Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow

0, 0, 100, 0, the color you started off with as your Background color

Shadow on New Layer - Checked



Activate the Mura's Tube layer and change its Blend Mode to Luminance

Layers> Merge> Merge Down ... lower this layers Opacity to around 20%



Activate the Top layer and apply a suitable Drop Shadow

(if using PSP'S built in Drop Shadow remember to uncheck the Shadow on New Layer box)



Hide the Top layer and activate any other layer

Layers> Merge> Merge Visible ... Effects> AAA Frames> Foto Frame ... with the following settings



Unhide and Activate the Top layer ... Layers> New Raster Layer ... Flood Fill with Black

Selections> Select All ... Selections> Modify> Contract by 1

Hit DELETE on your keyboard ... Selections> Select None

Add Copyrights and your Name and that's it all that's left is to save your Tag




Here is another example made by my friend Sezy



Tutorial written on the 02/04/2012©David Hanslip