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You will need:

Font of your choice - I used one called Boneribbon

Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Joel Adams

License and Tubes available at Creative Design Outlet

And my Selection which you can get HERE ... unzip into your Selections folder








Ok let's begin

Change your Foreground and Background to 2 colors from your Tube

Click on your Foreground again & change to Gradient ... with the following settings



Open a New Image 600x250 ... Flood with your Gradient

Effects> xero> Fritillary ... with the following settings



Layers> New Raster Layer ... Load the Selection I provided at the start of this Tutorial



Click on your Background and change it to a Dark color from your Tube (I used Black)

Before clicking OK .. check the Texture box ... also set angle to 0 & scale to 100


Click on the Texture box



And select a Texture of your choice

I used one that came with my psp called Paper Stand

Flood Fill the Selection with your Background texture ... Selections> Select None

If it does not appear dark enough ... Layers> Duplicate ... Layers> Merge> Merge Down



Paste your Tube as New Layer, position on the Right side of your Tag and apply a suitable Drop Shadow

Click on your Background and uncheck the Texture box ... Layers> New Raster Layer

Flood Fill this layer with your Background color



Selections> Select All ... Selections> Modify> Contract by 1 ... Hit DELETE on your keyboard

Selections> Select None

Add your Name (do not Convert to Raster) ... Image> Free Rotate ... with the following settings



It is most likely your Text is to big so lets position and resize ... Move over a section of your arrow like so



Left click (and hold) on the little grey box in the bottom right corner



Now move your cursor upward and to to left and you will notice you Text getting smaller

Play about until your Text fits nicely like so



Layers> Convert to Raster Layer

Selections> Select All ... Selections> Float ... Selections> Defloat

Activate the layer with the arrows on ... Hit DELETE on your keyboard ... Selections> Select None

Delete the layer with the Text on

Add Copyrights and that's it all that's left is to save your Tag


Tutorial written on the 06/09/2012 ©David Hanslip