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You will need:

Font of your choice - I used one called Salamander

Tube & Close Up of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Danny Lee

License and Tubes now available at ArthurCrowesFactory

Brush of choice - I used one that came with my PSP called +Round 25



Mura's Meister/Copies





Ok let's begin

Change your Foreground and Background to 2 colors from your Tube

Change your Foreground to Gradient ... with the following settings



Open a New Image 600x250 ... Flood Fill with your Gradient

Layers> Duplicate ... Effects> Distortion Effects> Pixelate ... with the following settings



Effects> Edge Effects> Enhance ... Image> Mirror ... Change this layers Blend Mode to Overlay

Activate your Paint Brush tool and select a suitable Brush ... I used +Round 25 Brush and changed the Hardness to 80

Change your Background to White ... Layers> New Raster Layer ... Right Click once in the Middle of your canvas



Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies ... Tiling(angled) ... default settings

Change this layers Blend Mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 50%

Paste your Close Up as a New Layer and position on the Right side of your Tag

Layers> Arrange> Move Down ... Change this layers Blend Mode to Overlay



Activate the Top layer ... Paste your Tube as a New Layer

position on the left side of your Tag and apply a suitable Drop Shadow

Layers> New Raster Layer ... Flood Fill with a color of choice ... Selections> Select All

Selections> Modify> Contract by 2 ... Hit DELETE on your keyboard ... Selections> Select None



Adjust> Add/Remove Noise> Add Noise ... with the following settings

Add Copyrights and your Name and that's it all that's left is to save your Tag


Tutorial written on the 11/09/2012 ©David Hanslip