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You will need:

Font of your choice - I used one called University Roman

Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Jessica Dougherty - License and Tubes available at CDO

And my Selection which you can get HERE ... unzip into your Selections Folder



Mura's Meister/Copies

DSB Flux/Bright Noise


Eye Candy 6/Gradient Glow



Ok let's begin

Open a New Image 600x250

Change your Foreground and Background to 2 colors from your Tube

Flood Fill layer with your Background Color



Effects> xero> Fritillary ... Default Settings

Layers > New Raster Layer



Make a Custom Selection ... with the following settings

Flood Fill the Selection with your Foreground color

Selections> Select None



Make a Custom Selection ... with the following settings

Flood Fill the Selection with your Background color

Selections> Select None



Effects> Distortion Effects> Wave ... with the following settings



Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies ... *Line ... change number to 12



Select your Magic Wand Tool ... with the following settings



Click inside one of the stripes of your Foreground color

Selections> Modify> Select Color Range



Effects> DSB Flux> Bright Noise ... with the following settings



Selections> Invert

Effects> xero> Fritillary ... with the following settings


Load the Selection I supplied with this Tutorial

Hit Delete on your keyboard ... Selections> Select None



Effects> Eye Candy 6> Gradient Glow ... with the following settings

Edit> Repeat Gradient Glow ... this time change the color to your Foreground color



Paste your Tube as a New Layer and position on the right side of your Tag

Apply a suitable Drop Shadow



Paste your Tube as a New Layer again and position over the circle area

Layers> Arrange> Move Down ... do this twice so it is above the background layer in your layer palette

Change this layers Blend Mode to Multiply or one suitable

Layers> Merge> Merge Down



Crop Image 600x250



Activate the Top layer

Layers> New Raster Layer ... Flood Fill with color of your choice

Selections> Select All ... Selections> Modify> Contract ... by 3

Hit DELETE on your keyboard ... Selections> Select None



Add Copyrights and your Name



Activate the Bottom layer ... Edit> Copy

Now open Animation Shop

Edit> Paste> As New Animation

Effects> Insert Image Effects ... from the drop down box select Underwater

and match these settings



Click on the Customize Button





Change the first 10 waves to the following

Wave 1: X -42 ... Y 19

Wave 2: X 7 ... Y -40

Wave 3: X 20 ... Y 31

Wave 4: X -39 ... Y -24

Wave 5: X -15 ... Y 51

Wave 6: X 43 ... Y -10

Wave 7: X -24 ... Y -63

Wave 8: X -61 ... Y -1

Wave 9: X -37 ... Y 46

Wave 10: X -62 ... Y -17


Set all other waves to X 0 ... Y 0

DELETE the first Frame



Go back to PSP

Hide the Bottom layer ... Edit> Copy Special> Copy Merged




Return to Animation Shop ... Edit> Paste> As New Animation

Hold down CTRL and keep pressing L until you have 10 frames (same amount as your underwater image)

Edit> Select All ... Edit> Copy



Activate the Underwater image

Edit> Select All ... Edit> Paste> Into Selected Frames ... move into correct position and click once to place

Animation> Frame Properties ... set to 15



And that's it. All that's left is to save your Tag ... If you wish to Preview it first View> Animation



Tutorial written on 4th December 2011

©David Hanslip