How to Convert an abr file into PSP Brushes


Go HERE and download the latest version of abrViewer


You will be taken to the next page where you will have towait around 5 seconds then

a pop up will appear. Choose Save As from the options and save the file to your

"My Documents" folder of your computer.



Once the download is complete close the web page as you no longer need it.

Now on your computer go to your "My Documents" folder



Right-Click on the file named "Release_NET20_2.0.rar" and select "Extract Here"

You will notice you now have a folder named "Release_NET20_2.0"

Now you can Delete the "Release_NET20_2.0.rar" file


Open the Folder named "Release_NET20_2.0"and you will notice a file called


Double click on this to open the abrViewer program

For the moment you can minimize the program



Go HERE or HERE and Download the Snowflake brushes created by env1ro

Download the file to your Desktop so it is easy to find

Right-Click on the Snowflakes zip file (the one on your Desktop)

and choose "Extract Here" ... Now you can delete the Snowflakes zip file



Now you need to go to the location where you save your

Brushes to and create a new folder and call it Snowflakes

(same name as the brushes file)



Maximize the abrViewer

File> Open Brush Sets

In pop up go to your Desktop and select the file named "snowflakes.abr" and click Open

wait a moment and you will see several little images appear in the abrViewer



Export> Thumbnails

In pop up go to the Folder you created called "Snowflakes" and select it and click.

A window will now open showing the contents of the

Snowflakes folder and you will notice there are now several png files of Snowflakes

Delete the first image named snowflakes_0 because you don't need it



Close the abrViewer as you don't need it anymore



Open your Paint Shop Pro ... Drag and Drop the "snowflakes_1" image into your psp

File> Export> Custom Brush ... under name type in snowflakes_1

click on the "Edit Paths" button


Under the Save To option click on the drop down box and

Select the location of the Snowflakes folder then click on OK

Then on the little box where you typed the name click on OK again and that's it brush created


If you look in the Snowflakes folder you will see two new files have appeared "BrushTip_snowflakes_01.PspScript" and "snowflakes_01.PspBrush"

these are the Brush files


Drag and Drop the "snowflakes_2" image into your psp

File> Export> Custom Brush

Under name type in snowflakes_2 then on ok

The file location is already set from when you did snowflakes_01

And again the two new files will appear in the Folder.



Continue with this process for the rest of the snowflakes


Once you have done them all, you can delete the png files from the folder as

they are no longer needed and just take up memory if you keep them


Restart your PSP and open a blank canvas any size, click on your

Brush Tool and then the little selection box


Under Category select snowflakes (or whatever name your folder was given)

And now you can choose one of your new Brushes


And that's it all Done

I hope you enjoyed this little Tutorial and found it useful



Please Note: each time you do this, the first time you Export>Custom Brush

Always remember to "Edit Paths" and set it accordingly otherwise you will

end up exporting into the last designated destination .




Tutorial written on 28th December 2011

©David Hanslip