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You will need:

Font of your choice

Close Up and Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of KT Bryan

This artist is not currently selling their art in Tube Format


Please Note:

The animation was created in Animation Shop but tag saved in Photoshop CS5

because it gives a better result and appears less grainy




Ok let's begin

Open a new image 600x250

Go to your Tube image ... Edit> Copy

Go back to your blank canvas ... Edit> Paste As New Layer

Move your Tube to the left side like so



Layers> Duplicate ... Image> Mirror ... Merge these two layers together

Layers> New Raster Layer

Activate your Selection Tool with Rectangle as the Selection Type and Feather at 0

Draw out a rectangle like so



Activate your Flood Fill Tool

change your Background and Foreground to two colors from your Tube

and then click on your Foreground again and change it to Gradient ... with the following settings

Style - Linear

Angle - 0

Repeats - 1

Invert - unchecked



Flood Fill the Selection with this Gradient

Go to your Close Up image ... Edit> Copy

Go back to your Tag ... Edit> Paste As New Layer



Position suitably over the Selection

Selections> Invert ... hit DELETE on your keyboard

Selections> Select None ... Crop image 600x250

Change the Close Up layers Blend Mode to Soft Light or one suitable

Layers> Merge> Merge Down



Effects> Texture Effects> Weave ... with the following settings



Selections> Select All ... Selections> Float ... Selections> Defloat

Layers> New Raster Layer

Flood Fill the Selection with the color Black

Selections> Modify> Contract ... by 3 and hit DELETE on your keyboard

Selections> Select None



Activate the Tube layer ... Layers> Arrange> Bring to Top

Add copyrights and your Name

Hide the Bottom layer ... Layers> Merge> Merge Visible

Unhide the Bottom layer and with it active ... Edit> Copy



Open Animation Shop

Edit> Paste> As New Animation

Effects> Insert Image Effects



Click on the Customize button



Change the first 7 waves to the following

Wave 1: X -30 ... Y 60

Wave 2: X 30 ... Y 60

Wave 3: X -60 ... Y -44

Wave 4: X 60 ... Y -44

Wave 5: X 0 ... Y -65

Wave 6: X -60 ... Y 30

Wave 7: X 60 ... Y 30


Set all other waves to X 0 ... Y 0

DELETE the first Frame



Edit> Select All ... Edit> Copy ... Close the image

Go back to you PSP ... Edit> Paste As New Image



Image> Canvas Size ... with the following settings

Lock aspect ratio - unchecked

Width - 600

Height - 250

dropdown box on Pixels

Placement - centered (diamond in the middle)



Go to your original tag and activate the Top layer

Edit> Copy

Go to your image with the animated layers

Edit> Paste As New Layer ... Layers> Arrange> Bring to Top

Hide all the animation layers apart from the bottom one

Layers> New Raster Layer ... Flood Fill this layer White

Layers> Arrange> Send to Bottom

Save your image in PSD format




Open PhotoShop and then check my Animate in Photoshop Tutorial

(ignore the text regarding layers)

Instead of setting the delay at 0.5 like in the tut set it to 0.2



Tutorial written on 22/09/2011 ©David Hanslip