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You will need:
Font of your choice - I used one called Thystle
Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Hallan Moulin
And my selection which you can get HERE ... unzip into your Selections folder

Mura's Meister/Copies
Mehdi/Sorting Tiles
Ulead GIF-X Plugin 2.0

Ok let's begin

Open a New Image 600x250

Paste your Tube as a new layer

Resize so it fits nicely in the middle
Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies .... Wallpaper rotate (default settings)

Crop Image 600x250

Rename layer "Background"

Layers> Duplicate

Activate the bottom layer

Adjust> Blur> Radial Blur ... with the following settings

Activate the top layer

Effects> Mehdi> Sorting Tiles ... with the following settings

Load the selection I provided with this Tutorial

Hit the DELETE button on your keyboard

Selections> Select None

Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow ... with the following settings

Color of your choice

Edit> Repeat Drop Shadow

Now go to your Tube image
Edit> Copy

Go back to your Tag
Edit> Paste as new layer

Move into a position you are happy with and add a Drop Shadow (any settings you like)

Drag this layer to the top in your Layer Palette if it is not already there

Crop Image 600x250

Layers> New Raster Layer

Selections> Select All
Selections> Modify> Select Selection Borders ... with the following settings

Anti Alias - checked
Border Width - 4

Flood Fill with a suitable color

Selections> Select None

Add Copyrights and your Name

Hide the Background layer

Layers> Merge Visible

Unhide the Background layer

Activate the Background layer

Effects> Ulead Effects

At the bottom click on the Gallery button and select "Nickelodeon 3"

match the frame these

and click ok

Click on save .. name it Nick 3

Save it somewhere easy to find

Now Click on Cancel and Close the Plugin

DELETE the Background layer

Crop Image 600x250


Open Animation Shop

Open the Nick 3 Animation you made

Delete the 6th frame

Now go to PSP ... Edit> Copy

Go back to Animation Shop

Edit >Paste> As New Animation

Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and hit L until you have 6 frames

press CTRL+A to Select All then CTRL+C to Copy

Active the Nick 3 animation press CTRL+A to Select All then CTRL+E to Paste Into Selected Frame

Move into correct position and left click to place

Close the Background Animation as its not needed any more

View> Animation to see your new animation

and that's it your done all that's left is to save your Tag

Tutorial written on 7th March 2011
©David Hanslip