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You will need:

Font of your choice - I used one called AngelEyes

Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Victoria Flores

Mura's Meister/Copies

Mehdi/Sorting Tiles

DSB Flux/Bright Noise

Ok let’s begin

Open a New Image 600x250

Select your Flood Fill Tool and change your

Foreground and Background to 2 contrasting colors from your Tube

Click on the Foreground Color again and change it to Gradient ... with the following settings

Style - Sunburst
Repeats - 5
Invert - unchecked

Flood Fill layer with your Gradient


Rename this layer "background" ... Layers> New Raster layer

Swap Colors (not materials) by clicking the following little arrow

Make a Custom Selection ... with the followings settings

Top - 90
Right - 600
Bottom - 159
Left - 0

Flood Fill selection with your new (reverse color) Gradient


Selections> Select None

Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies ...*Duplicate (default settings)

Effects> Mehdi> Sorting Tiles ... with the following settings

Block Range - 0-50
Block - 30

Effects> Edge Effects> Enhance


Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow ... with the followings settings

Vertical - 0
Horizontal - 0
Opacity - 100
Blur - 8
Color - Black

Rename this layer "Bright Noise"

Duplicate this layer twice (for a total of 3 flux layers)


Activate the Bright Noise layer

Select your Magic Wand Tool ... with the following settings


Click in the top left of your tag so you have this

Make a note of the color inside the selection ... To do so select your Dropper Tool (press E on keyboard)

left click inside the selection and it will change your foreground color

then click on your foreground color to open material properties and copy the code in the HTML box.


Selections> Modify> Select Color Range ... with the following settings

Tolerance - 20
Softness -20
Add Color Range - checked

Reference color - click on it then paste the code into the HTML box and click ok.

you should now have a selection that looks something like below


Effects> dsb flux> Bright Noise ... with the following settings

Intensity - 15
Direction - Mix

Activate the "Copy of Bright Noise" layer

Effects> dsb flux> Bright Noise ... click on the Mix button once then on ok

Activate the "Copy (2) of Bright Noise" layer

Effects> dsb flux> Bright Noise ... click on the Mix button once then on ok


Selections> Select None ... Paste your Tube as a new layer

Drag this layer so it is between the Background and Flux layers in your layer palette

Move the Tube to the right side of your Tag and change the layers Blend Mode to Soft Light

Layers> Merge > Merge Down


Paste your Tube as a new layer again, and Drag this layer to the Top in your layer palette

Move the Tube to the left side of your Tag and apply a suitable Drop Shadow

Crop image 600x250 ... Layers> New Raster Layer

Flood Fill layer Black ... Selections> Select All ... Selections> Modify> Contract ... by 2


Hit DELETE on your keyboard ... Selections> Select None

Add Copyrights and your Name

Hide the Background and 3 Bright Noise layers

Layers> Merge> Merge Visible ... Unhide the 4 hidden layers

Now it’s time to save your Tag ready to be animated
File> Save As ... under "File Type" choose PSP Animation Shop (*psp.)


Tutorial written on 23/03/2011 ©David Hanslip