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You will need:

Font of your choice - I used one called Palsu

Tube of your choice - I will be using the artwork of Toukenjen


Mura's Meister/Copies

Ulead GIF-X Plugin 2.0


Ok let's begin

Open a New Image 600x250 AND Flood Fill it Black

Paste your Tube as a new layer

Resize so it fits nicely in the middle
Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies .... Wallpaper rotate (default settings)


Adjust> Blur> Radial Blur ... with the following settings

Effects> Edge Effects> Enhance

Layers> Duplicate ... Image> Mirror


Make a Custom Selection ... with the following settings

Selections> Invert

Hit DELETE on your keyboard

Selections> Select None ... Layers> Merge> Merge Visible ... Layers> Duplicate

Select your Preset Shape Tool ... shape of your choice (I will be using Star 4)

Change Line Style to "Solid" and Width to around 30


Set your Foreground Color to a bright color and make your Background Color null

Draw out your shape like so

Layers> Convert to Raster Layer

Selections> Select All
Selections> Float
Selections> Defloat


Delete the Preset Shape Layer ... Activate the top layer ... Hit DELETE on your keyboard

If your Marching ants vanish simply select a different Tool then select the Selection Tool

again and they should re-appear


Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow ... with the following settings

Color of your choice .... Selections> Select None

Paste your Tube as a new layer

Move into a position you are happy with and add a Drop Shadow (any settings you like)

Drag this layer to the top in your Layer Palette if it is not already there


Crop Image 600x250 ... Layers> New Raster Layer

Selections> Select All

Selections> Modify> Select Selection Borders ... with the following settings

Anti Alias - checked
Border Width - 5


Flood Fill with a suitable color ... Selections> Select None

Add Copyrights and your Name ... Hide the bottom layer

Layers> Merge Visible ... Unhide bottom layer

Activate the bottom layer

Effects> Ulead Effects> Zoom ... match these settings


Click on save .. name it Zoom

Save it somewhere easy to find

Now Click on Cancel and Close the Plugin

DELETE the bottom layer


Now Open Animation Shop

Open the Zoom Animation you made

Now go to PSP

Edit> Copy

Go back to Animation Shop

Edit >Paste> As New Animation


Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and hit L until you have 15 frames

Edit> Select All
Edit> Copy

Make the Zoom animation active

Edit> Select All
Edit> Paste> Into Selected Frame


Move into correct position and left click to place

Animation > Frame Properties ... set to 20 and click OK

View> Animation to see your new animation

and that's it your done all that's left is to save your Tag

Tutorial written on 28/02/2011 ©David Hanslip